Homework policy: You may work with other people on the homework, but you must each write up your solutions separately (without any notes from your group discussion). If you work with other people, indicate clearly who you worked with on your solution. Avoid looking up solutions online or in references. Each solution must take up at most 1 page (and no more than 1000 words).

  1. HW1: Due Aug 27th in class.
  2. HW2: Due Sep 5th at the beginning of class.
  3. HW3: Due before 3pm, Sept 12th on canvas.
  4. HW4: Due before 3pm, Sept 19th on canvas.
  5. HW5: Due before 3pm, Oct 3rd on canvas.
  6. HW6: Due before 3pm, Oct 10th on canvas.
  7. HW7: Due before 3pm, Oct 22nd on canvas.
  8. HW8: Due by 3pm, Oct 29th on canvas.
  9. HW9: Due by 3pm, Nov 5th on canvas.
  10. HW10: Due by 3pm, Nov 12th on canvas.
  11. HW11: Due by 3pm, Nov 19th on canvas.
  12. HW12: Due by noon, Nov 27th (Tue) on canvas.